What’s up in the UK and the US?

Click the correct answer.

1. What new music group became famous while on tour with One Direction?
a. 21 Pilots
b. Daft Punk
c. 5 Seconds of Summer
2. How many years have passed since the film Finding Nemo first came to cinemas?
a. five
b. ten
c. 15
3. What is unusual about much of the food you can find at state fairs in the US?
a. It is served on plates.
b. It is served on a stick.
c. It is served cold.
4. How many members are in 5 Seconds of Summer?
a. five
b. three
c. four
5. What are the characters looking for in the film FINDING DORY?
a. Dory’s family
b. Dory
c. Nemo (again!)
What do you call a hot dog on a stick that has been dipped in batter and then fried?
a. a corny dog
b. hot dog on a stick
c. a corn dog
7. Who is not one of the members of 5 Seconds of Summer?
a. Luke Hemmings
b. Harry Stiles
c. Ashton Irwin
8. Where is Dory’s family?
a. 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia
b. Honolulu, Hawaii
c. California
9. What candy bar can you buy at a state fair that is batter dipped and fried (and served on a stick)?
a. Mars
b. Lion
c. Snickers