What’s up in the UK and the US?

Click the correct answer.

1. What do people in the Cotswolds of England chase down a hill?
a. fish and chips
b. scones
c. a wheel of cheese
2. Angola, Louisiana, is the home of what famous place?
a. the White House
b. The Louisiana State Penitentiary
c. The University of Louisiana
3. What is the person who starts the Cooper’s Hill event called?
a. the big cheese
b. the Cheesemaster
c. Cheesy Smythington
4. When can you see rodeos at Angola?
a. at Christmas
b. on Easter Sunday
c. October and April
5. What word means the racers should start running?
a. off
b. go
c. start
6. Almost all of the participants in the Angola rodeo are ________.
a. students
b. women
c. prisoners
7. What is the prize if you win the Cooper’s Hill event?
a. Your name in the newspaper
b. a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese
c. a role in the next Harry Potter film
8. What is one rodeo event at Angola?
a. knitting
b. baking tarts
c. bull riding
9. What is likely to happen to you if you participate in the Cooper’s hill event?
a. you’ll be injured
b. you’ll be rolling like the cheese
c. both a and b
10. Angola prison has programs for their inmates. Which one is *not* mentioned in the article?
a. education
b. a museum
c. art classes